THE NATURAL, low calorie alternative
Original Stevia, both in 100% pure liquid form and in Stevia sugar mixture form, is used as a supplement to or a replacement for sugar and other sweeteners.

Stevia has a naturally bitter-sweet taste.
This is also the reason why we developed Stevia sugar in which Stevia in crystalline form is mixed with cane sugar. Sugar mixed with Stevia has around five times the sweetening capacity of conventional sugar without Stevia. On the one hand the cane sugar suppresses the slightly bitter taste of the Stevia and on the other sugar contains calories – and Stevia sugar therefore contains 390 kcal per 100 g.

If instead you wish to sweeten your food or drink without any calories at all, liquid Stevia is the answer. This product does not contain any sugar or other taste enhancers. Liquid Stevia has up to three hundred times the sweetening capacity of sugar.